Manta’s Collator Program



The main purpose of a Manta collator program is to secure the network and contribute to the fortification and decentralization of our network.

The Dotsama ecosystem has attracted excellent entrepreneurs to the program who have proven to be committed to technical and ethical excellence.

By opening our collator registry, we started to decentralize our block generation process.

Benefits of
Running a Collator

Becoming a collator on the Manta Network comes with a host of benefits:



Staking Rewards Participation

Engage in the Manta Network ecosystem and reap the rewards of staking.


Boosted APY with Commission

Enjoy a boosted Annual Percentage Yield (APY) compared to delegation, thanks to a 10% commission on the delegator's share of rewards.


Earn Rewards from Inflation

2% of the total supply goes directly to block producers on an annual basis.


Community Engagement

Join the collator maintainer community for discussions, support, and collaboration on Discord through the Collator Program.


To ensure the Manta Network runs smoothly, collators must meet specific requirements:


1. MANTA Bond


Post a MANTA bond of 400,000 MANTA tokens, demonstrating commitment and trust within the network.

a. Running on Your Own Hardware (Recommended):

  • CPU: 8 cores
  • Memory: 32 GB RAM (more is better)
  • Disk Space: 500 GB dedicated to the blockchain basepath (more is better)
  • Network Bandwidth: 100 Mbps+
  • Internet-Accessible Ports: 31333, 31334, 9615, 9616

b. Running on AWS EC2:

  • Instance Type: r5ad.xlarge or similar
  • Image: Ubuntu 22.04 (latest Ubuntu Server AMI)

c. Azure/GCP or Other Cloud/Datacenter Providers:

  • Use your judgment to match or surpass the requirements for other environments.
  • Ensure an uninterrupted power supply for collator node and network equipment.
  • Include a failover 4G or 5G router for connectivity backup.
  • Implement automatic DNS updates for changes to publicly accessible IP addressing.